Blood Lust Slot Review

Blood Lust Slot Review: Low Volatility RTP 96%

In this Blood Lust slot review, you will see how to bear with this game. The wildly popular Twilight series of novels and films bear a lot of responsibility. They managed to lighten the vampire legend while also making them all modern and attractive in the process. 

Since then, a slew of newcomers has jumped on board to enjoy the strangely romantic side of these night creatures. Or day – remember how Edward didn’t disintegrate but instead shined in the sunlight? 

It’s not uncommon to see vampires coupled with romance in slot machines, and that’s exactly what Swedish developer ELK Studios has done with their latest vampire-themed in this game. Is this strategy as effective with Blood Lust as it has been in the past?

Summary of Blood Lust Slot Review

Blood Lust follows the previous release Crusader in appearance. Not in terms of content, but rather in terms of the heavy graphical styling and atmosphere. 

1. RTP and Volatility

Both of these games have similar statistics, such as a 96% RTP, a 23.5 percent hit rate, and a low volatility rating. Potential is nearly identical to Crusader, which we shall discuss momentarily. For the time being, the first step is to choose from a range of bets ranging from 20p/c to £/€100 each spin – manual or automatic.

Once that’s done, it’s time to join Dracula’s dark and old realm, complete with spired castles, gnarled trees, and dim illumination. Everything is visually appealing, as one would expect from an ELK product. The soundtrack is also appropriately expansive, adding a layer of drama to the proceedings.

2. Pay Symbols

The goal of the game is to line up 3 or more matching symbols in a row from left to right to win. There are 5 reels, 4 rows, and 99 paylines to choose from in this ornately designed slot

The symbols in the game begin with four low-paying jeweled card suits: clubs, diamonds,v hearts, and spades. They glisten as though infused with some sort of ancient magic.

On the plus side, the golden vampire appears to be a precocious adolescent rather than an elderly vampire. Edward, on the other hand, was 104 years old while he was in high school and had a crush on a classmate named Bella. 

Anyway, this sign is none other than Dracula, and five of a type is worth 40 times the stake. Two doe-eyed lady figures and a green-hued slacker vampire follow him.

A golden wild symbol can help you win by substituting for any regular symbol. The value of wilds is the same as the premium Dracula symbol. Two more special symbols round off the paytable, bringing features back to life.

3. Slot Features

The Boosted Respin symbol, which only occurs on reel 5, is the first special symbol to be aware of. To activate the feature, you only need one of these candle-covered symbols. 

When the feature is turned on, one symbol type is chosen at random and retained in place while the other locations are spun again. Any bonus symbols are also retained, increasing the probability of activating the bonus game or achieving better wins with the chosen symbol.

Boosted Stacks

The Boosted Stacks are precisely made next. Each reel features stacks of identical symbols, and symbols are chosen at random to fill these stacks at the start of each spin. This can also work out well, but keep in mind that the boosted stacks on separate reels may include different symbols.

Free Spins

Finally, if three scatter symbols appear in view, the Free Spins bonus game is triggered. Now, they form a rectangle zone when they land on the reels, and each tile in this zone awards 1 free spin. 

This could range from 4 to 15, depending on the situation. The three lowest premium symbols display above the reels with a meter connected with them during free spins.

These symbols are counted as they land, and their meters fill up. When they’re full, they’ll give you free spins and turn into the Dracula symbol for the rest of this online slot

Because scatters retrigger free spins with no technical restriction to how long the round can be extended, the bonus game has a good chance of succeeding.

Final Verdict

Add another vampire-themed slot to your collection, where the ‘baddies’ are attractive and the ladies can’t help but fall for their pale, steely-eyed allure. 

This game has several redeeming qualities in this genre, such as the high quality of the artwork and the sound effects, which combine to create a rather immersive setting in which to try your luck. 

At the end of this Daftar slot online Blood Lust slot review, the features, particularly the re-triggerable free spins, have their moments as well. Though they won’t spin indefinitely like Dracula in his undead state, they do have a win limit.

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