Cash Compass Slot Demo

Cash Compass Slot Demo: RTP, Features & Bonuses

Lucky creator Hacksaw Gaming is returning with a new installment of their Pocketz series. In the current iteration of Cash Compass Slot Demo, a cute-looking game, they used a grid slot format.

The Pocketz slots are aesthetically straightforward and put more emphasis on enjoyment than showy effects because they were created specifically for mobile players of online casino games. Cash Compass is a Pocketz slot, which you will know right away if you’ve played one. Its appearance, peculiarities, and simple gameplay all fit within this category.

Compared to other characters in the series, Cash Compass may have more personality. It’s actually the most graphically dense so far, albeit that doesn’t really mean much. Big graphics and aggressive action are not what define Pocketz. Cash Compass Slot Demo is another excellent example of this kind of relaxed, low-key gaming.

The 6×6 grid is situated on a deserted island in the Caribbean Sea, one of the sunniest places on earth. There are only palm trees, beaches, the sea, warm air, and tons of parrots. It’s a place that’s just as good for spinning reels as it is for social isolation.

Cash Compass Slot Demo is a medium variance slot with a respectable RTP of 96.42% and is playable from 20 cents to £/€100 per spin. 36 symbols fall into the grid with each spin. To win, you must line up groups of six or more identical symbols that connect either vertically or horizontally. You may anticipate some type of cascade feature when this occurs, but Hacksaw decided against using it. Instead, if a win occurs, the following spin is then initiated.

The game’s symbols are a haphazard collection of both islands- and non-island-related icons. J-A symbols are on the low side, then maps, shields, potion bottles, and parrots.

The payout range for these symbols is 10 to 130 times the stake, and the maximum cluster size is 15+. The compass, which pays out 1,000 times the bet for a cluster of 30 or more, is by far the most profitable symbol. The way features operate makes it easy to accumulate substantial compass clusters.

Cash Compass Slot Demo: Features

There are three features to watch out for in addition to simply reclining on the beach and watching the symbols fall into place. These are the Bonus Wheel, Free Spins, and Compass features.

During both the base game and free spins, the Compass function is accessible. The actual compass on the logo spins when five or more compass symbols are visible during the base game. The compass symbols on the grid increase and spread in the direction the needle is pointing when it stops spinning. Before this feature is activated, regular wins are paid.

10 free spins are given if 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere in the field of view. Extra compass symbols are added in free spins mode, and the compass feature is activated every time at least one of them lands.

In slots, chests only have one meaning: treasure. The player needs to land three chest symbols in order to access the bonus game. This game consists of an eight-sectioned bonus wheel that spins. The multiplier that is visible is added to the total each time the wheel pauses on a portion, and that particular multiplier is raised to the following level.

The feature is terminated when the wheel stops on the skull section after spinning a maximum of 50 times. The multipliers can go up in increments of 1x, 10x, 25x, 100x, and 250x before reaching their maximum value. Another great option for slot enthusiasts is the Lightning Leopard Slot.

Cash Compass Slot Demo: Verdict

Another entertaining little game from Hacksaw Gaming is Cash Compass Slot Demo. Though it may seem a little light at first, especially if you haven’t played anything in the Pocketz series before, it’s actually not all that little at all. Cash Compass has a wonderful flow, though, like the previous books in the series, which makes it difficult to put down. Additionally, it has a surprising amount of potential—perhaps more than you might have anticipated.

Cash Compass atmosphere and straightforward gameplay make it easy to integrate into the Pocketz series. Numerous slots created by Hacksaw thrive at achieving their intended objectives. Offer simple games, in particular, to help gamers unwind after a long day at the office.

Players who enjoy Candy Crush-style games but want a little bit of edge and reward should choose them. Certainly, rewards are available. Cash Compass has so far paid out 7,400 times the stake, making it the highest-paying slot of the group. The elusive Bonus Game, where multipliers can seriously pile up, offers the possibility of maximum wins.

Additionally, Cash Compass represents a very modest departure from the series’ basic beginnings. That won’t be a problem if Hacksaw continues to maintain its straightforward, laid-back demeanor. Certainly, Cash Compass possesses that. Though it can take some getting used to, the gameplay is simple but enjoyable.

Due to the lack of a cascade mechanic, the low-value clusters during testing resulted in a lengthy period of nothing happening. But after a time, the activity ramped up. initially through the Compass function, which tends to appear quite regularly to boost the ante.

The features were also quite entertaining, secondly. When the bonus round’s final spin was triggered for the first time, a lot of parrots were thrown onto the grid. In addition to the other wins from the feature, it offered a 130x hit. Clean, though not quite 7,400x.

In conclusion, Cash Compass Slot Demo is yet another enjoyable Pocketz series slot machine. Hacksaw has done well to uphold the brand’s integrity while consistently providing players with a wide variety of gameplay options. Although it lacks Cubes’ peculiarly intriguing x-factor, it is nonetheless a fun game. Find your perfect slot game. Read more here for other reviews.

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