Frequent Flyer Slot Demo

Frequent Flyer Slot Demo: Reels, Paylines, Volatility & RTP

If the travel-themed slot, Frequent Flyer Slot Demo is any indication, the Relax Gaming staff must be itching to go. Players find themselves swanning off to the kind of exotic setting that would make anyone’s online buddies envious, all set in the most romantic of locations—an airport. Players take advantage of a two-tier free spin mechanism along the way to maximize winnings.

Flying was allegedly a lot more glamorous in the past before Instagram and selfie sticks took over tourism. You’ve surely seen pictures of economy seats that resembled Lazy Boy loungers, flight attendants pouring champagne in every class, and even the days when passengers could smoke inside airplanes. You didn’t feel violated each time you passed through airport security back then, before 9/11.

In any case, Frequent Flyer, a 6-reel, 40-payline slot, transports players back to this heyday of travel. The playing area is situated next to a constantly updating flight information board, and the background shows an old-fashioned airport complete with vintage airplanes.

A relaxed jazz track and some Art Deco flair are thrown in for fun, producing a bit of an era mix that sort of works. The scene is illuminated in cozy tawny tones, which completes the nostalgic glimmer.

The game has an RTP rating of 96.14% and may be played on any device for 10 cents to £/€100 per spin. A figure that is comfortably average and has a low level of volatility should appeal to individuals seeking less intense experiences. A tour of a slum, a trip to Chernobyl, or cage diving with great white sharks is a few examples.

Starting with four low-paying clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds, the game’s normal pay symbols (which total eight) are all low paying. The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Sphinx/Pyramid, and the Chureito Temple by Mount Fuji are just a few of the well-known landmarks portrayed in four high-pays at the opposite end.

Payouts range from 5x to 20x the stake for a line of premiums, while 6 low pays on a full payline, regardless of type, are worth 2x. In the event that six symbols appear on a pay line, the wild is worth 30 times the wager. To create a winning combination, wilds typically just act as a stand-in for any of the pay symbols, which is incredibly uncommon.

Frequent Flyer Slot Demo: Features

Both Jetsetter Free Spins and Frequent Flyer Slot Demo Free Spins are two different free spin bonuses that Frequent Flyer offers. Free spins for Jetsetter are significantly simpler to activate. When five flap symbols appear on the reels to spell out one of the locations on the information board, they activate.

Players receive 3 free spins with either 2 to 10 shuffled wilds or a win multiplier from 2x to 6x when this occurs. The flap symbols can be used to spell out a city and land a +3 icon at the same time. Instead of three free spins, you are given six here.

A stamp appears next to the appropriate name on the information board every time you correctly spell one of the destinations and activate Jetsetter Free Spins. For the chance to receive Frequent Flyer Slot Demo Free Spins, collect a stamp for each of the 10 locations. There are 4 options available for this functionality.

  • Unpack Relax: 3x multiplier and 3 wild cards throughout 5 free spins.
  • Skytours: 3 additional spins with a 2x multiplier and 6 wild cards.
  • Travel Gurus: 1 wild card and five free spins with a 6x multiplier.

A gamble option is the fourth choice, and it offers the chance to earn 4–20 free spins, a 2–6x multiplier, and one–ten wild cards. If you’ve been experimenting with bet levels, you should know that the Frequent Flyer Slot Demo round takes the average of all bets placed until that time. The globetrotting resumes after the Frequent Flyer feature because the stamps are taken off the board.

The Final Call feature, which is the final bonus, adds two flap symbols to spinning reels at random to increase the likelihood that the feature will be triggered. For more great content, be sure to read more of our selection of articles.

Frequent Flyer Slot Demo: Verdict

Although it doesn’t quite compare to unwinding in an airport before departing for a far-off exotic location, it has its moments. You feel quite relaxed and in a good mood in the jazzy, vintage setting. A clever addition that works well with the features is the arrival/departure board.

Along with the traditional bucket lists, Relax Gaming chose other lesser-known places as its travel destinations. Even if they were limited to five-letter places, it’s still unusual to fly to Perth, Delhi, or Quito and trigger them as you go. While the Frequent Flyer Free Spins gives you a mission to settle into, Jetsetter Free Spins appear at fairly regular intervals as well, breaking up the base game.

There are some potential drawbacks in addition to the benefits. One reason is that the 6×4 grid occasionally seems a touch too big for the number of paylines it contains. The game does start to feel repetitive and a little bit teasing after a time.

What we mean is that the visual on the screen remains the same whether Cairo or Miami is triggered. If there had been more of a contrast in scenery when flying to these other places, like Aldo’s Journey, it could have been lovely.

That, however, is more of a wish list than it is a serious criticism. If you prefer some volatility in your gaming, the metrics are good underneath the surface. There is no need to complain when maximum wins might reach 5,000 times the initial wager. With a little creativity, Frequent Flyer Slot Demo may function as a type of portal to the world. 

However, what Frequent Flyer does give is sufficient for a little bit of escape. It may have opened up the gateway a little broader, though. Step into the virtual casino and play the best slot games at