Morgana Megaways Slot Demo: Features, Bonuses, Number of Reels Max Win Possibility


Developer Making the most of the Megaways license recently has been iSoftBet’s main focus. The subject of this review is even more out of left field than the selection they have released thus far. 

Slot machines with Arthurian themes appear rather frequently, although we rarely hear the story from the other, darker side. In order to balance the scales, iSoftBet featured Arthur’s arch-enemy in the fantasy-themed slot, Morgana Megaways Slot Demo.

As with all stories, several versions circulate as individuals repeat and reinvent them to fit the zeitgeist or mood at the time. Typically, Morgana, or Morgan le Fay, is a witch who turned wicked after being victimized by Uther because of her magical abilities. She then used a variety of evil tactics to exact revenge on Arthur. Sounds tiresome. Undoubtedly, playing the game version is more enjoyable and calming.

Morgana Megaways Slot, from iSoftBet’s Twisted Tale Series, with a beautiful design and meticulous attention to detail. It is also quite symbolic. The mythological round table is located beneath the reels in the main game’s magnificent Camelot hall where the action is taking place. However, if you play the extra game, the table will be destroyed—Morgana must have brought the kingdom to its knees.

Players of Morgana Megaways Slot Demo, spin a grid made up of 6 reels with 2 to 7 symbols on each, which is playable from 20 cents to £/€20. The game can be configured in 117,649 different ways. As long as three or more symbols occur consecutively from the first reel onward, winning combinations can emerge in any row.

The absence of a reaction element in Morgana by iSoftBet could be a deal-breaker for certain people. Those who like cascading wins when playing Megaways slots could feel underserved.

However, players shouldn’t feel cheated when it comes to RTP. The rating is 95.98% by default, but when the bonus buy is used, it rises to 98.01%. Mathematically speaking, it makes sense to take into account the bonus buy if it is offered. Volatility also registers as modest to high.

The paytable in Morgana Megaways Slot Demo is influenced by Morgana, with shimmering 9-A royals serving as the low pays. The higher payouts are more intriguing and feature a glittering pink gem, a silver dragon, a menacing eye, and Morgana with all her cleavage on display.

When playing Morgana, two-of-a-kind wins, and six on-a-line payouts at a 50x multiplier. This portion is completed with wild symbols, which can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. Wilds don’t have any value on their own, but they can be used in place of any other pay symbol to increase the chances of a winning combination.

Morgana Megaways Slot Demo: Features

The features are a unique combination of those you frequently find in Megaways and a few that are a touch out of the ordinary. One of the most frequent ones is the Mystery Symbol, which might appear at any time during the game.

The Mystery Symbols all change into the same ordinary pay sign when they come into view. The Max Megaways feature is a little bit more innovative. Any base game spin will have this feature randomly drop in order to force all 117,649 winning ways onto the reels.

The crowning achievement, the free spins bonus game, is now at hand. The bonus game can be started in two different ways. You may either pay 80 times your stake to skip the bonus round entirely or try to naturally activate it by hitting three, four, or more of the golden grail scatter symbols, which award 10, 15, or 30 free spins, respectively.

For instance, players receive 5+ free spins when 20 x “9s” are collected. By collecting all eight Morgana symbols on the paytable, you can earn 500x, one more free spin, and the grid will remain fixed at 117,649 winning ways for the remainder of the bonus. It’s noteworthy to note that Mystery Symbols always disclosed the symbol that needed to be collected whenever they appeared during a free spin.

Players receive 5+ free spins, for instance, when 20 x “9s” are amassed. To win 500x and receive one more free spin, reach the end of the paytable by collecting 8 Morgana symbols. After that, the grid is fixed at 117,649 winning ways for the remainder of the feature. 

Whenever Mystery Symbols appeared during a free spin, they always disclosed the symbol that needed to be gathered, which is an intriguing fact. Read more here if you want to learn about the best medium volatility slots.

Morgana Megaways Slot Demo: Verdict

Morgana Megaways Slot Demo demonstrates that iSoftBet isn’t afraid to tinker with the popular game engine, just like earlier releases like Dragon Match Megaways. This time, the setup of the reels is standard, but the free spins game is a little unconventional.

Of course, more free spins significantly increased our chances of winning the bonus round, but let’s say it anyhow. The going was difficult after landing 3 scatters and receiving 10 free spins.

Beginning with 30 free spins made the symbol collection much simpler and much more enjoyable as you progressed through the paytable. When you collect all of the Morgana symbols, you will have won more than 1,000 times your initial investment in addition to any subsequent line wins.

As soon as you reach the Morgana level, every spin has a guaranteed 117,649 winning combinations. It’s difficult to deny how ridiculous it would have been, though, if cascades had been available. You can understand why iSoftBet discontinued the function and switched to a minimum-win-ways mechanic for free spins.

However, the outcome would have been off the Richter if they had mixed both. As it stands, the feature is worthwhile investigating if you’re looking for something unusual in a Megaways offering.

Overall, our source at Morgana Megaways Slot Demo is a fantastic game with a unique round of free spins that shakes up the action. Of course, not everyone will choose this kind of system, but those who do will be at the pinnacle of symbolism.

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