Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo: Features, Number of Reels & How to Win (RTP 96.03%)

In this review, I will invite you to try the Majestic Megaways slot demo. We’ll take a look at its features, number of reels, RTP & volatility. Let’s check it out!

The second game from the Swedish developer Yggdrasil Gaming to use the Splitz mechanic is Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo. Temple Stacks, the first game, is a retro-punk futuristic 80s slot machine, while Neon Rush is an exotic jungle adventure. This category is simultaneously classic and cutting-edge, and it is steadily growing in terms of options.

Despite the scaled-down appearance of the symbol set, Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo is one of the finer instances of the genre and a good presentation of Yggdrasil’s design skills. However, others may disagree. The game’s various components have all been deftly integrated with one another, and the randomly generated numbers also tempt players to spin the wheel.

A well-designed look and feel immediately elicited a favorable response from the audience. If you’re spinning on a mobile device, be sure to play in landscape mode for the best results. If so, you’ll be treated to a world reminiscent of Tron with the 5×3 grid gliding toward buildings in the distance. A motorcyclist who occasionally switches sides joins players on the side of the reels to celebrate wins.

A superb example of the still-popular Synthwave music is a treat for the ears in addition to the visual feast. Even the effects used to signal winnings and spins are flawless. Although Yggdrasil has a talented audio-visual team, Neon Rush Splitz is superior. Retro electro fans will be in absolute nirvana with this game.

There isn’t a wide variety of bets available, probably to reduce exposure from the Ultra Jackpot. Stakes can be as little as 10 percent and as much as £/€40 for each spin. Other positive statistics include a hit rate of just over 1 in 5 and an RTP of 96.03%. Despite being modern, Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo has straightforward rules.

To win, you must get combinations of three or more symbols. Although there are only 10 paylines available for doing so, the Splitz function adds a unique twist. Compared to Temple Stacks, which had up to 9, Splitz symbols that land separated into 1 to 5 common symbols. The same symbol, which during the basic game may be any other in the game, is revealed by all Splitz on the same spin.

The symbols utilized are entirely original creations that capture the essence of a straightforward yet futuristic game. There aren’t many, and a triangle, diamonds, and hexagons are on the low side. The two premiums are represented by a pink and a green shard.

Five premiums across a full payline are worth two times the wager, but the Splitz feature allows for combinations of up to 15 of a kind, which can be worth 500 times the wager. The wild comes last and is only disclosed by a Splitz symbol. Each Splitz can reveal up to 5, and they can take the place of any other pay symbol.

Features of Neon Rush Splitz

Free spins and jackpots are used in a variety of pretty straightforward features. Players need to hit Jackpot icons in order to try their luck at the big bucks. Splitz symbols, which can each carry up to five jackpot symbols, disclose these. When a jackpot symbol is displayed, the jackpot meter advances as follows:

  • The Rush Jackpot and 5x the bet are awarded for 5 Jackpot Symbols.
  • The Neon Jackpot and 20 times the stake are awarded for 6 Jackpot Symbols.
  • 50 times the stake and the Hyper Jackpot are awarded for 7 Jackpot Symbols.
  • 100 times the bet and the Mega Jackpot are awarded for 8 Jackpot Symbols.
  • The Superior Jackpot and 500 times the stake are awarded for 9 Jackpot Symbols.
  • The Ultra Jackpot and 25,000 times your wages are awarded for 10 Jackpot Symbols.

A Free Spins round can assist with winning larger jackpots and more money. Due to the low bonus frequency and volatility, it may be difficult to win this one, but the huge jackpot possibility more than makes up for it. Players must land three, four, or five scatter symbols to win 10, 20, or 30 free spins, respectively. Splitz symbols only show wild or jackpot symbols during free spins.

Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo – Verdict

The slot machine Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo is extremely well-made and designed. A captivating futuristic ambiance is produced by the seamless integration of graphics and sounds. The game comes to life thanks to the background animations, and a fellow motorcyclist ensures that you are never spinning alone.

Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo is like driving a purple Trans Am off a cliff into the closest galactic nebula or jacking right into Tron if these kinds of slots are your jam. It’s the ideal game for fans of dystopian future TV shows like Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and Bladerunner.

The game itself is also really enjoyable. A few thrilling moments can be had thanks to the Splitz mechanic’s good development. For instance, suppose you have a few shards lined up and are waiting for the Splits symbol to appear so you may complete a line with one more. It then opens up to expose a number more wilds, drawing in many more lines than you could have imagined.

Since they only award wild or jackpot symbols during free spins, Splitz symbols only get better overall. Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo would still be very playable even without the Jackpot, but the possibility of payouts of more than 25,000 times your wager on any given spin certainly adds to the fun. especially when the tension is increased by the Splitz symbols gradually revealing the jackpot symbols one at a time.

If you’re a lover of this style, you can’t miss what Yggdrasil has produced with Neon Rush Splitz Slot Demo as a fantastic example of the genre. If it describes you, relax and take in the atmosphere and fantastic gameplay. If not, Neon Rush Splitz still offers dependable, straightforward action and jackpots to keep a variety of gamers entertained.

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