Street Racer Slot Demo: Slot Game with Max Wins Up To 2.000 Times

Street Racer Slot Demo

Pragmatic Play’s Street Racer Slot Demo is the perfect game for people who prefer to spend their lives a quarter of a mile at a time. This must be the first theme that the prolific developer has tackled that is driven—pardon the pun—by cars. not simply any automobiles.

These are high-performance street cars built to rocket off the line, drift through the smallest of turns, and make their drivers look effortlessly cool. Players will be in for a treat if the game turns out to have even a tiny bit of the power that these street racers do. Count to three, two, one, let’s go.

Setting stakes, which range from 20 cents to £/€100 every spin, allows you to enter the race. RTP is positive at 96.52%, which is a number that most armchair racers can support, however, it may be lower depending on operator settings. The concept of volatility is intriguing. The overall rating is excellent (4.5/5), but as you will see, players do have some control over it when it comes to choosing the options for the bonus games.

The 5-reel, a 4-row grid is set in Las Vegas, where landmarks from The Strip such as the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Balloon, and the enormous MGM Lion are all around it. The nighttime environment and a group of hardcore punks filling the grid create a tense, tense vibe.

Really, it all reminds me of Fast and Furious. Who would have thought the bro movie with Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker would go on for so long? The franchise shows no signs of stopping, much like brakes fail on a streetcar that is in use.

In addition to the game’s movie-inspired aesthetics, Drive Multiplier Mayhem by NetEnt is also reflected in a number of the game’s design choices. The symbols share certain similarities; premiums are composed of five racers with the names Firefly, Alpha, Bolt, Ignite, and Vapor. 

Here, Vapor is the top dog, and five of him on a payline is worth ten times the bet. Four card suit symbols (hearts, clubs, clubs, and spades) make up the remainder of the regulars after the premiums.

All symbols pay out when three or more of them line up on any of the 40 paylines starting with the first reel. The wild symbol is useful for securing wins like a burst of nitrous. The speedometer-shaped wild can replace any other symbol besides the scatter when it appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Click here to find out more about slots’ winning symbols in-game examples.

Street Racer Slot Demo – Features

The features can appear a little complicated at first glance after reading the reams of information on the paytable. Fortunately, Street Racer Slot Demo is quite simple once you cut through the clutter. There is only one feature to be aware of in this game, a round of free spins based on a five-lap race.

The scatter symbol, which can be found on reels 1, 3, and 5, is crucial. The Free Spins bonus game starts when 3 are visible. Five options are presented before the race; each one has a significant impact on how the bonus round is run. Whichever driver is chosen has its corresponding symbol values multiplied by five in all circumstances.

However, the volatility and number of free spins awarded decrease as the value of the driver symbol increases. The fact that the maximum win is also directly impacted makes the decision more difficult. Options include:

  • The Firefly slot machine has a 3/5 volatility and 12 free spins.
  • Alpha has a volatility rating of 3.5/5 along with 11 free spins.
  • Bolt offers a volatility rating of 4/5 along with 10 free spins.
  • Ignite has a volatility rating of 4.5/5 and offers 9 free spins.
  • Vapor has a 5/5 volatility and 8 free spins.

The race in Street Racer Slot Demo can start once the preferred driver has been chosen. A nitrous canister, a new symbol, is added to the game. Each time the player collects 3 Nitrous symbols, they advance to the next level (there are five in total). When that occurs, additional free spins are given and symbols may also be upgraded to the next highest pay table symbol.

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Street Racer Slot Demo – Verdict

Street Racer Slot Demo is not as exciting as you might have anticipated it would be for a slot packed with tough-guy racers, loud revving motors, and well-known landscapes. Although there are benefits for both, car fanatics will undoubtedly fall for it far more quickly than the average public who enjoys playing slots.

For starters, the idea of free spins races can be entertaining and provide respectable wins through upgraded symbol values. But overall, Street Racer seems a little underpowered. Like a car enthusiast who builds a replica Lamborghini Countach and installs a four-banger engine in place of a V12.

Many people will be drawn to Street Racer’s fantastic appearance, but something about the components under the hood prevents it from reaching its full potential. With maximum wins of up to 2,000 times the stake available, the potential isn’t great, but it’s not a significant problem either. Despite this, there is a sense of unfinishedness; the uninspired base game is undoubtedly a contributing factor.

There are quite a few slots that are associated with auto racing, but not many spectacular ones. When you consider how fervently many people feel about cars, it is startling. Although Street Racer Slot Demo is one of the better slots with a car theme, it could have been improved. 

Considering the theme, it’s also unexpectedly unexciting. There aren’t any significant problems per se; the motor just doesn’t run very much. If you’ve ever witnessed a powerful car accelerate from a standstill to full speed, you are aware of how breathtaking the scene can be. 

Although Street Racer Slot Demo is a good game, it could have used a little more of that visceral excitement to make it more interesting. The Big Bamboo slot might also be worth a few revs if you enjoy racing but would rather choose a different theme. Visit for the review.